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February Gel Specials

You choo-choo-choo-choose you!

It’s that month – the month of love. Show yourself some love with our February Gel Specials. Whatever your situation, just remember you don’t need someone special, you are that someone special (aww!). Well enough with the sweet nothings — which Gel Special are you loving?

Each month, we curate 3 nail art designs for you to choose from, drawing inspiration from music, art, fashion and Toronto culture. We pride ourselves on offering art that will make you feel fresh. Make it your own by selecting different colour combos, or trust us to make the call.

We do not provide hard gel or acrylic nail enhancement services or removals. We will not be able to complete your service if hard gel/acrylic removals are required.

Book online and select Manicure > Gel Special Mani. You can also call us or send an email. Please remember to book a shellac/gel removal along with your service if you’re in need!

Click through to see this month’s Gel Specials!

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